Saturday, May 28, 2011

Last Post From The States

Hey guys! So as you may have noticed, I've actually been in Hong Kong for almost a week already but since I've been so behind on my L.A. posts I decided to finish them up before I started posting in HK. Here's my last random L.A. post. 

Soft shell crab say what? How amazingly intriguing are these babies? From Kiki's bakery in San Gabriel, here are dried baby crabs that you can eat whole!
And what do I like to drink ? Hot coke with lemon. May sound bizarre to non-Chinese but it's actually a great way to soothe your throat. It's great for colds and it just tastes good! Try it!

Happy Eatings!
I'll be posting from HK soon. 

Friday, May 27, 2011

Yelp-you failed me!

Hello from Hong Kong! Yes, I'm here again. I know... I might as well live here with as often as I'm here instead of back in L.A.. If you couldn't tell, I'm a tad bit behind on blogging so today's post is still going to be from Los Angeles. A good friend recently came from San Francisco to visit. We decided to do a handy yelp search for something different and wound up with Mantee's King's Delight in Studio City. The seating was outdoors very romantic but the food was Eh.... The parking lot is also hard to find. It's kind of hidden. 
 Pita bread and the crunch crackers that we dipped in humus. 
Beef salad. I usually really like salad and veggies. I didn't care for this too much. It was a tad too strong. 
A humus-like dish we dipped with pita bread... It was okay. Could have lived my life just fine knowing that I haven't had it. 
Mantee's King's Delight. This tasted like the fillet migon slices that is a popular Chinese and Vietnamese dish. This was pretty good. Portions were just too small here. 
This was a sort of baked cheese dish we had that was paired with our pita bread. Eh....
Here was the famous dish-mantee baked with yogurt on top. This was the only dish that really did it for me. This was basically like really yummy pasta baked in yogurt. It was delicious. Too bad their portions were super small. I wish I could have returned everything else on the table and just had this!

Overall, I was pretty disappointed with the place. The mantee with yogurt was the only dish I would consider going back for which is a shame since I usually love Mediterranean food. I also wish we ordered something more typical like a kabob. Yelp has failed me this time. They really need to redeem themselves. Hmph!

Happy Eatings! I will be blogging from Hong Kong soon!

If you want to try the mantee, you can check them out at 10962 Ventura Blvd
Studio CityCA 91604.

Friday, May 13, 2011

In Honor of Fast Five

In honor of "Fast Five" I decided to go to back to Neptune's Net, which was featured in the 2nd Fast & Furious movie I think. Click here to check out my last visit. 

Gorgeous day out!
Amazing cocktail sauce and tartar sauce. 
And amazing seafood as usual! Last time I went our bill came out pretty high. Turns out getting the sampler is a better choice for your wallet, plus you get to have a bit of everything. Fried fish, squid, crab cakes, fries, calms, etc.

For those that don't know, this is a great place for people watching and for going to the Malibu Beach right afterwards. It's also a motorcycle hub so you can sit and people watch and check out who comes in with the cooler tats and bikes!

42505 Pacific Coast Hwy
Malibu, CA 90265-2221

Happy Eatings!

Monday, May 9, 2011

I Can Die Happy

If you're a frequent reader of my blog, then you know how much I love Sasabune. Sure, your bill may make you cry, but it's amazing. Your experience is all based on trust and they have all of mine! I don't want to rewrite things I've said about them in the past so I'll just say a little bit here and there.

Just look at their amazing handmade wasabi. Ahh, I love it so much I get extra platefuls because I eat wasabi down at Sasabune. Their wasabi has a lemon tang to it. It's amazing, yes, yes, yes! 
Ponzu sauce. What can you truly do to make ponzu sauce different and amazing? I don't know but I will drink this stuff. As usual you have a choice of American or Japanese omakase aka chef's choice. The Japanese is slightly more expensive because their ingredients are considered more exotic. Our bill came out to about $225 after using a coupon from It's totally worth it though!

Baby blue fin tuna, regular tuna, blue crab, scallop, yellowtail, scallop, eel, sweet shrimp, spanish mackerel, regular mackerel, baked mussel, raw oyster, salmon roe, sea urchin, and more! Seriously how can you go wrong? I've said it before and I will repeat it again. This is my favorite Japanese place in L.A.! Yes, take that!

This marks my 3rd visit to Sasabune and I'm definitely planning another one soon before leaving to Hong Kong for the summer. To read all about this place's awesomeness click here. 

Happy Eatings! If Sasabune ever needs a spokesperson please let me know. I'd do it for free! *drool* Where else can I physically drink and gulp down wasabi because it's so good?