Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Sichuan Beauty

My dream is to have my room or my own restaurant one day filled with pictures of my favorite foods. I want to drool everyday when I look around the walls. Yes, I'm crazy. But can you blame me? Sichuan food in Hong Kong! I'm smiling and drooling just looking at these photos. 
 This is my new favorite dish. It's a hot and sour potato noodles dish. 
 Eggplant! How pretty. I love eggplant. If there's eggplant at a restaurant, I will order it no matter what. 
 Look at this gorgeous close up. Food should look good and taste delicious as well. 
 Suanli bai rou. The pork is sliced into thin, thin slices. It's hard to master this, but it doesn't take much to master how to eat it. Whooo... spicy! My mouth was on fire! 

Unfortunately, I forgot the name of this resturautn. We just call it the place since my family knows where this is at. It's on Yiu Wah Street. If you need help finding it just message me!

Fortunately this Sichuan food isn't your typical spicy food. It's mala, which means it's a numbing spice. It was still spicy though! Whew! 

Happy Eatings!
PS, I've gotten messages from you guys that wanted suggestions of where to eat. I'll get back to you guys asap. Also, if you live or plan on visiting Los Angeles, also check out my other food blog based on the San Gabriel Valley at 626foodettes.com

Friday, June 22, 2012

No Meat? No Problem!

My family eats vegetarian food fairly often since there's 2 days a month that Buddhists go vegetarian for the entire day so I'm always looking out for good vegetarian places. The best vegetarian restaurants are the ones that I wouldn't mind visiting even when I don't need to be eating vegetarian. Vegelink in North Point is one of those 'private kitchens' in Hong Kong. They make you sign a "membership" card when you eat there. It's free, they just give you a little club card. I presume it's because they registered their restaurant with the government as a private kitchen and not a restaurant so by having membership cards it justifies their cheaper rent. 
 Appetizers are egg rolls and fake pork jerky. 
 So hot that the picture came out blurry! Just the way I like it! 
Here's the mushroom dumpling we ordered. It was very good. The best part was that they had some great spicy sauces and pre-mixed vinegar to dip it in. 
 Tofu skin roll. Inside was an array of mushrooms and carrots that were steamed. 
 Veggie flour roll. 
Emperor's dumpling. This was another tasty veggie dumpling that was really good.

The total came out to $180 HK for the vegetarian dimsum. Vegetarian Taiwanese fusion food. The address is: Shop 108, 1/F, Foo Yet Kall Building, 56 Java Road, North Point

Happy Eatings! 

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

EPIC meal

Hello from Hong Kong! I'm just here for a quick minute, well actually 2 weeks but that is short for me. Time to get onto my eating ventures! Let's give a big welcome to Old Beggar's Kitchen in Causeway Bay that served up some freaking delicious food tonight. It was a a Chinese/Singaporean restaurant and it now has my heart. Yes, it was kind of awesome if you couldn't already tell! 
 Fried pork intestine! My fave! It's hard to find a restaurant that does this without having a strong old oil taste. It's really obvious when restaurants have used old oil to fry their foods. There's a stench and stench is bad especially when it comes to body parts, specifically those inside a pork. Kudos to them!
 Salt & peppered beef tongue dipped with wasabi! Whoot! Yes, please! So so so good! I am so coming here again! 
 Lemon & lime barely water. Sorry I'm not a fan of barley water, but nice to know they have a nice variation of it here. 
 This was my lemon & lime iced tea. This was delicious. Who ever thought of using both lemon and lime deserves a trophy of some sorts! 
 Oooh! Their har lam chicken! Gosh!!!!! So fresh! I've never tasted a chicken so fresh. It screamed hey I just got slaughtered two hours ago! Eat me! The owner told us that the chicken had just arrived 3 hours ago. The chicken and the rice have to be preordered. 
 Wow, this was some good harlam chicken rice. Huge bowl! This was only a half order! Really tasty! 
Spicy salt & peppered shrimp. Even the shrimp tasted extra fresh. This restaurant was so good! Can't wait to come back and try other dishes!

Total came out to over $1,000 HK. Divide by around 7.4 for the US dollars! I will definitely come back!

Happy Eatings!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Pa Pa Walk

Would you go into a restaurant that looks like a foot massage parlor? Yes, really. The restaurant is filled with pictures of feet. They sure decided to go with a peculiar theme, but hey they sure stick to it throughout the entire restaurant. If you can get over the interesting decor, Pa Pa Walk has a few excellent dishes! 

 My absolute favorite is this beef with spinach noodles! The broth is done really well and I love the the noodles. It really gives it an extra tang! 
 Stinky tofu! I love ordering stinky tofu, but it's not amazing at Pa Pa Walk. It's not horrible either. 
A definite must order at Pa Pa Walk, is the mango shaved snow. Topped off with condensed milk, this concoction is mouth watering delicious and a lot closer than Class 302 in Rowland Heights. It's not as good, but a very close second, indeed.

Another must order is their 'coffin' brick toast, which is filled with soup. It's like an Asian version of soup in a bread bowl! Not everything at Pa Pa Walk is tasty though, their Har Lam Chicken rice fails to impress. But no worries, those dishes mentioned above take the cake. Just try not to concentrate on the feet pictures hanging around!

Happy Eatings!

227 W Valley Blvd
Ste 148-B

San GabrielCA 91776

Monday, June 4, 2012

Shaved Snow!

Bàobīng or shaved ice is a staple in Chinese culture.  At Class 302, shaved snow is the norm. Shaved show looks like thin ribbon shavings of condense milk infused ice, with various Asian toppings like moochi, grass jelly, red bean, tapioca, and more.The snow is then topped off with your favorite fruits or syrups and drizzled with more condense milk to finish off. The consistency is silky and smooth with a creamy, but not too sweet, finish …unlike that of shaved ice. 

So whether you’re a Mango, strawberry, green tea, or chocolate lover, there’s a shaved snow combination for you. The theme of an Old fashion classroom runs throughout the restaurant. The inside has school desks and chalk board menus. And for about $7 a bowl, one order of shaved snow can feed more than 3 to 4 people. Unless you’re like the foodettes, that is, then you have to sacrifice for your work. Here’s the damage after ordering all 7 shaved snow combinations.

 (Images courtesy of 626foodettes.com)

1015 Nogales St # 125  Rowland Heights, CA 91748

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